This was a sourcebook for building superteams that I pitched first as "The Ultimate Superteams" to Hero Plus, and then to Gold Rush Games as "Together We Stand." Neither one went for it. I had almost finished Chapter One, and had started a little bit on Chapter Three and Six. There are links to all three chapters, as well as the sample character, Humanus Rex, that I included with the proposal.

Concept: Together We Stand - A guide to superhero teams is a 96-page sourcebook for Champions which gives guidelines for building a balanced superteam, new rules for equipment and bases, and campaign ideas for guiding a team made up of anything from renegade vigilantes to sanctioned world-class heroes.

Summary: Together We Stand focuses on that comic book stand-by, the superhero team. It begins with the archetypes of a team and takes players and GMs up through the creation of characters, equipment, tactics, adversaries, and adventures. Possible adversaries and adventure seeds will be included in a sourcebook at the end.



Chapter One: Archetypes
Note: This chapter will focus on descriptions of common archetypes of both teams and members of teams, to help spark players’ and GMs’ imaginations.

Team Archetypes

Team Member Archetypes Chapter Two: Bringing The Team Together
Note: This chapter is a brief look at how the first few adventures should run, in order to make the group of characters work together logically.

The Hook
Developing A Shared History
Building Trust
Defeating A Menace Together

Chapter Three: Equipment
Note: This will focus on building a team base, vehicle and other equipment.

Housing The Team

Transporting the Team Team Equipment Chapter Four: Powers, Skills and Disadvantages
Note: This will include "package deals" for each archetype, including common skills and disadvantages. It will also have new optional rules for allowing several characters to share one disadvantage.

Team Disadvantages

Sharing Disadvantages and Perks Chapter Five: Growing as a Team
Note: Essentially a look at what makes a team campaign work, this will be more GM-oriented. It will help them create new challenges and possibilities and keep the campaign running smoothly.

A Team Charter
New Blood
Adventure Ideas

Chapter Six: Sourcebook
Note: A possible villain or villain(s) for each possible team archetype, with some equipment, vehicles and bases, as well as a short bibliography listing some of the comic books which inspired this book.

Brothers In Arms (All In The Family)
The New Tools of Evil (Ex-Villains)
Fourth Reich (Golden Agers and Next Generation)
S.H.O.C.K. (Government Operatives)
Whisperer (Heroes With An Agenda)
Zealot (Rebels With A Cause)
The Coven (Secret Warriors)
Temptress (Sidekicks United)
Golden Centurion (Strangers In A Strange Land)
Humanus Rex (World’s Greatest Heroes)
Chapter One