Humanus Rex 
Value Char. Cost
70*  STR  50
26  DEX  48
30  CON 40
20*  BODY  16
25  INT  15
25  EGO  30
30  PRE  20
COM  -3
30*  PD  -5
30*  ED  0
SPD  24
20  REC  4
70 END 5
70 STUN 5
* Characteristics from Growth and Elemental Control already added in
100+ Disadvantages
20 Berserk if stunned, 14-, 11-
25 Distinctive Feature: Dinosoid in powered armor (Not Concealable, Extreme)
15 Hunted by World's Greatest Superheroes, 8-
10 Watched by The Destroyer, 11-
10 Physical Lim: Poor Eyesight - can only see objects in motion (Frequent, Slightly)
15 Psych Lim: Megalomaniac (Common, Strong)
10 Psych Lim: Brutally Unforgiving of his Lackeys (Uncommon, Strong)
15 Psych Lim: Enjoys Physical Combat (Common, Strong)
10 Public ID: Son of the Destroyer
20 2x STUN from cold-based attacks
631 Villain Bonus
Cost Powers/Skills END
15 Elemental Control - Dinosoid Powers
a-16 25/25 Damage Resistance, Hardened (+¼) 
b-21 30 PD, Hardened (+¼) 
c-22 30 ED, Hardened (+¼) 
d-34 2d6 HKA (4d6-1 w/STR), Bite: Must follow grab, mouth cannot be blocked (-½), ½ DCV Concentration (-¼), Armor-Piercing x2 (+1), +1 Stun Multiplier (+½) 7
e-15 1d6+1 HKA (3d6+1 w/30 STR), Penetrating (+½) 3
f-15 3 BODY Regeneration
g-17 +9" Running (15" Total), x4 Non-combat, ½ END (+¼) 2
46 Targeting Smell, Discriminatory, +3 PER, Ranged, 360-Degree
5 Extra Limbs (Tail)
13 Growth (2 levels, stats already included), Always On (-½), 0 END Persistent (+1)
10 5" Knockback Resistance
10 Power Defense +10
10 +20 PRE, Only for defense (-1)
11* ½ END on STR (+¼) 4
17* 50% Resistant Damage Reduction, Physical, doesn’t work against cold-based attacks (-¼)
17* 50% Resistant Damage Reduction, Energy, doesn’t work against cold-based attacks (-¼)
60* 12d6 Energy Blast, No Range Modifiers (+½), Area Effect (1-hex) (+½), 8 Charges (-½)
23* 15" Flight, x4 Non-combat 3
18* LS: Doesn't Breathe, Eat, Sleep or Excrete, Safe in Vacuum/Pressure, High Radiation, Heat/Cold, Disease
13* Mental Defense +25
24 3 levels, all combat
3 Computer Programming 14-
3 Electronics 11-
3 Interrogation 15-
3 Inventor 14-
3 KS: Metahumans 14-
3 KS: Despots in History 14-
3 KS: Superhuman Politics 14-
3 KS: World's Greatest Heroes Operations 14-
16 French, German, Japanese and Russian with native accent (English native)
3 Mechanics 11-
3 Oratory 15-
30 SC: Bacteriology 14-, Biochemistry 14-, Biology 14-, Chemistry 14-, Cloning 14-, Cybernetics 14-, Genetics 14-, Molecular Biology 14-, Paleontology 14-, Robotics 14-
3 Survival 11-
3 Tactics 14-
55 Followers: 32 Tyrannosaurus Dinosoids (150 points each)
55 Followers: 125 Raptor, Pteranodon & Triceratops Dinosoids (100 points each)
* OIF Cybernetic Battle Armor
Char: 249 Powers: 632 Total: 881 Disadv: 781 Base: 100 
Background: In the future, there was a feud between the most powerful villain, the Destroyer, and his heir apparent, a genetic-manipulating master of clones known as the Creator. The Destroyer was very powerful, with only one weakness: a desire to continue his lineage. His chief scientist found a way to make it happen, and gave him a young, perfect boy to mold into his heir. He trained the boy in warfare, tactics, domination and all the other things young men should learn for ten years. Then the Creator stole him.

In a fit of malice and curiosity, the Creator modified the child, already highly developed in intelligence and skill, and blended him with the genetic structure of the dinosaurs. He named the child Humanus Rex, a play on Tyrannosaurus Rex meant to mean “King of the Humans.” He continued raising the child, teaching him all that he knew about genetic manipulation and other science. Surprisingly, the child proved an adept negotiator as well, and brought together Destroyer and Creator for one gigantic plot to take over the world. It would have succeeded if not for one thing; it was a trap. Humanus Rex destroyed both of his “fathers” and nearly ascended to his self-appointed destiny, but was stopped by the World’s Greatest Heroes.
He hit upon a plan. The heroes were too powerful for him then, but not in their earlier days, when they still had to deal with the other villains of the world. So he travelled back in time, using a device stolen from the Creator, to attack and destroy the heroes before they could reach their potential. And if his reign over the world started in their time, all the better…

Personality: Humanus Rex tries to be cultured, intelligent and scheming. He succeeds, in many parts, but his bestial nature is very much a part of him. He will growl and threaten, but in an intelligible manner, until pressed into a fight. At that point, he fights as an animal, using cunning more than tactical knowledge and all too often giving in to blood rages. His ideal world is one that he rules, with all of his subjects turned into half-human/half-dinosaur dinosoids by his genetic manipulation. He hates the heroes with a passion, enough that he will endanger his own schemes if he feels he has a chance to destroy them once and for all.

Powers/Tactics: Humanus Rex is unbelievably fast, strong and tough. He has razor-sharp claws and teeth, and a plate-like hide that protects him from most damage. To amplify his considerable natural abilities, he wears a cybernetic suit of armor which makes him nearly invulnerable. This armor also has flight jets and a blaster which fires explosive disks of energy. His sense of sight is poor, but he makes up for it with a very acute sense of smell and taste.

Appearance: Humanus Rex stands 9’ tall and weighs 800 lbs. He has a prehensile reptilian tale and armored scales across his entire body, with a Tyrannosaur-like snout on a humanoid body. His eyes are bestial but intelligent.

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