"Then, Now and Tomorrow"

1998. I remember when I bought the comic book series Armageddon 2001, I saw the opening caption "Metropolis:1991" and thought, "oh, it takes place a few years in the future." Then it dawned on me that it *was* 1991. Now it's 1998. 1998. 2 years from the millenium (3 years if you're anal-retentive. :) All I want to know is, where is my jet car that folds into a briefcase? 1998 sounds futuristic, damnit, I want cybernetics and ray guns!

But, sadly, it's just a modern world. The new year is always a good time to reflect, to figure out what you did right and wrong. I've always gone into the new year thinking "I really hope next year is better than this one is." I find myself thinking now, "If this year is better than last, I'm in for a hell of a year."

What was so great? Started off just like every other year, had a disappointing New Year's Eve (do *not* go barhopping on New Year's Eve. It is a date holiday, not a singles one) and Happy Hatemonger's Day (Valentine's Day to most of you...I love to hate this holiday). Had my 25th birthday, my dog had his first. Found my girlfriend in the most unexpected of places and times. Went as one of the Men in Black for Halloween, and was mistaken for one of the Blues Brothers (numerous times) and an insurance agent (once by some girl who I assume was drunk out of her mind...insurance agent. Whatever.) Tangent: My prediction is that Blues Brothers 2000 is going to suck. Without John Belushi and the 70s, it just can't work.

At any rate, though it started out like any other, this year got really good at the end. It wasn't perfect. I still have some hopes for next year. Chief among them is that this will be the year I finally figure out what the hell I want to do with my life. Besides writing professionally, that is, which I want to do but frankly, can't pay the bills with.

I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions, but I always make one promise to myself. Last year I promised that I would go on at least one date, and now I'm in a steady (and very happy) relationship. This year I'm promising that I will sell at least one story/script/article for professional publication. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

Randy W. Lander

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