Wildside 2020

Wildside reformed in the year 2020, made up of several children of the original group plus newcomers. It was headed by Samsara, the near-omnipotent blend of Shivite and his enemies, Brahmin and Vishnuvite. Once the team had formed, Samsara "locked" their possible future so that changes in the past would not prevent the team from existing. Essentially, they were pulled out of the timestream and operated independently of it.

Several events lead up to Wildside 2020. First of all, Dark Seraph was destroyed and opened a gateway in Las Vegas, letting all manner of demons into the world. Magic became slightly more prevalent as a result. Wildside was destroyed when they went after Mechanon in Antarctica and the villain set off a lithium bomb. Only Dave Hunter escaped in the Vagabond, and the escape left him severely wounded, enough so that he had to use a cane after that. It isn't known who the members were, but it seems from clues given that it included at least Golden Dragon, Dark Rose, and Quetzal.

Samsara and Dave Hunter took up residence in the underground facility that had once belonged to Wildside. Dave and Dark Rose's daughter, Cindy, was the first recruit to the team, as it's pilot. Several of Samsara's sons, including Vincent, were involved with the team, but only Vincent ever really joined. Golden Dragon's son Alex returned to America, having taken the name Platinum and he was joined by his student and foster sister Cheyenne.

They were joined by Indigo, a mutant activist who owned a clinic and had a body made of solid, gelatinous matter, making her very durable and strong. Later, a doctor at her clinic revealed himself as Shockwave, possessing sonic/vibratory based powers. He was a mutant and doctor as well. Finally, they were joined by Alex's sister Mary, a mutant born with the COIL gene in her genetic structure, giving her serpentine characteristics.

The team's mission soon became to prevent dimensional chaos from being created by their enemy, Azathoth, a blend of Mechanon, Redblade and Dark Seraph created in the conflagration in Vegas.

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