Treasure Hunt

Issue # 3

Sea Cruise"

Script for Pages 1-6

Written by Randy Lander

March 20, 1998




In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there floats a huge, sinister looking 17th century galleon. It is made of black wood, with the sails looking tattered and in no way useful. The entire thing looks somewhat skeletal. On the decks are goblins wearing pirate outfits. The water is choppy, and there is a storm raging, complete with lightning. This should take up most of the page.


 1 CAPTION:       Off the coast of Brazil. 3 a.m.



Closer in on the ship’s bridge, where LORD HALE is sitting on a golden throne, strapped onto the deck. He is holding the Mithril Tear in his lap. There is an invisible circle surrounding his throne that is not receiving the rains. Meanwhile, soaked goblins continue to pour flasks of some unidentified liquid into a strange-looking engine.


 2 LORD HALE :    Faster! We need to reach the Triangle as soon as possible!




SAM SPADE and JORDAN wait in a lush office, while a young receptionist types away at a computer behind a large desk. There is a corridor off to her right, leading down to an office. The insignia on the wall behind her has a large hourglass imprinted on it. The name of the company is HOURGLASS COMMODITIES.


 1 JORDAN:        What are we doing here, Sam?


 2 SAM SPADE:     Thematra. She’ll be able to give us a heads-up on what’s going on.



JORDAN looks surprised. The receptionist gets a call on her phone.


 3 JORDAN:        Thematra!? Doesn’t he hate you?


 4 SAM SPADE:     She. And he does, but she doesn’t.


 5 JORDAN:        I’m confused.



The receptionist looks up from the phone and says something to SAM SPADE, who looks like she was just about to answer JORDAN.


 6 RECEPTIONIST :     Ms. Spade? You can go in now.



SAM SPADE and JORDAN get up and walk past the secretary’s desk, toward the corridor behind her.


 7 SAM SPADE:     I’ll explain later.



SAM SPADE opens the office door. The office is a corner office, with large picture windows looking out at the Brazilian coastline. A storm is brewing outside. The office is furnished in a very eclectic style, with some very odd, futuristic looking sculptures mixing with early historical pieces. A stunning black woman in her 30s, dressed in a business suit, greets them with a warm smile. This is THEMATRA.


 8 THEMATRA:      Samantha! To what do I owe the pleasure?


 9 SAM SPADE:     An immortal magician bent on the destruction of the world.



Close-up on THEMATRA’s face. She looks somewhat bemused.


10 THEMATRA:      Why is it you never drop by simply because you’re in the neighborhood?




SAM SPADE holds her hands up in a “so sue me” gesture. THEMATRA has reached behind a bookcase and is searching for something.


 1 SAM SPADE:     Someone in your position doesn’t get a lot of casual visitors, Thematra. Eighth member of the Circle of Merlin’s Progeny, responsible for other dimensions and the timestream? You don’t exactly have a close-knit group of normal friends.


 2 THEMATRA:      True enough, I suppose, Samantha…where is…aha!



THEMATRA pulls forth a brazier and sticks of incense. She speaks and the windows begin to darken, blocking out the exterior view.


 3 THEMATRA:      Here it is! I’m assuming you want me to look into the future for you?



The windows completely darken and pyrotechnics erupt from the brazier as THEMATRA puts incense into it. Her form shifts slightly, so that she appears to be older. Perhaps her hair is tied back, with gray streaks.


 4 THEMATRA:      Tempus Oranus Euwalis…Noboros Tentanos Secreanos…Phutura!



The office has disappeared. THEMATRA, SAM SPADE and JORDAN float above a roiling, churning water. There are two boats in the water. One is the skeletal ship seen in the first panel. The other is a smaller motorboat. Lightning is striking the water.





Gigantic tentacles with fanged maws spring from the water and wrap around both ships, beginning to draw them both down into the water.




A montage of world destruction. The creatures responsible are never visible, as they are basically elder gods, massive alien beings. Instead show tentacles wrapped around battleships that have been turned on their side in the docks. A shot of San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge bent over on top of itself, and all the buildings flattened in the distance. A pyramid of skulls sitting next to broken head of the Statue of Liberty in the middle of New York City. The Eiffel Tower jabbed like a dagger into several Parisian buildings. The Pyramids of Egypt transformed from simple Pyramids into towering monoliths covered with ancient runes and horrid biological protrusions. The Brazilian rainforest perpetually burning. The worst kind of armageddon, presented on a worldwide scale and performed by creatures whose sense of horror is greater than anything mankind could imagine. This is the scene where we set up what happens if Sam fails, so it's got to have punch. Go nuts.



 Somewhere in the page (wherever it fits), SAM, JORDAN and THEMATRA look on in horror, as they watch this all unfold in front of them.




THEMATRA has collapsed, and the office returned to normal. JORDAN looks terrified, her face pale. SAM appears shaken, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging slightly open.


 1 SAM SPADE:     Oh God.


 2 JORDAN:        It's like...we were there. I know where we were. It's the Bermuda Triangle. How do I know that?



THEMATRA stands up and stares at SPADE and JORDAN.


 2 THEMATRA:      It's the magic. You sense the future. But you saw what happened! That other boat goes down at the same time! You'll fail and he's going to unleash evils from before the time of man. Before the time of the dinosaurs! He'll give the universe over to evil again!



SPADE pulls out her pistol and cocks it. She looks determined.


 3 SAM SPADE:     No he won't. Jordan, get us a boat.



THEMATRA grabs SPADE and yells at her, afraid for her friend.


 5 THEMATRA:      Samantha, you saw the vision! You'll go and you'll fail! I'll gather the Progeny. Maybe we can find a way to stop it.



SPADE is on her way out of the office, grabbing JORDAN by the arm and taking her with her.


 6 SAM SPADE:     We'll call that Plan B. Vision or no vision, I'm going out there and I'm going to stop Hale. Come on, Jordan.