This one's pretty self-explanatory. It just kind of popped into existence after I got this idea for a Justice League story featuring kids. This one actually got pitched, and intrigued the editor at least mildly, but not enough to get bought. Maybe next script.



In average middle-class suburbia, there is a house with a few lights on. It's early evening, a dark and clear night. In the yard is a very large tree, and sitting in the tree is a treehouse, which we see as if looking up from ground level. The moon casts illumination over the treehouse from behind, and there is candle-light illuminating it from the inside, which can be seen through the single window.


Close-up on treehouse, we can see a dimly lit window and inside, the silhouette of three young (age 8-9) children sitting in the house. We can't see the other four on other seats at the table. Atop the treehouse is an aluminum foil "antenna." Just outside the window is a crudely-drawn "JLA" logo.



The Justice League sits around their table. Sort of. They're all kids, no older than ten years old. The table looks like a cracked, used kitchen table that was probably hauled up by someone's dad one weekend. There aren't any chairs, the kids all sit on the floor next to it. At the head of the table is Superman (Josh, 8 years old, somewhat goofy features in a baggy Superman costume, glasses sit on the table in front of him on top of a stack of papers). On the right, next to him is Wonder Woman (his big sister Carla, 10 years old, cuter but with family resemblance, wears braces and a white jumpsuit that says "Wonder Woman" on the shirt). Next is the Flash (Billy, 7 years old, wearing red sweats with a lightning bolt sketched on the shirt in yellow). Next, Martian Manhunter (Mike, 9 years old, a young black boy wearing normal clothes and a "Mars Attacks!" martian mask). Next, Aquaman (Arthur, 9 years old, missing his left arm and has a prosthetic in place of it, he wears a pair of green pants and a half-torn orange shirt). Next, Green Lantern (Samantha, 7 years old, a young girl in a black "ninja" outfit with a lone ranger mask and a cardboard GL symbol hanging on a rope around her neck). Finally, Batman (Sid, 9 years old, dressed in a loud hawaiin shirt with a paper bag on his head.)

Note: Of all these characters, none of them look even *close* to their idols, except for comedic effect. It's obvious these are kids playing at being the JLA, and these costumes weren't designed by their parents.



Same exact shot as the last one, as far as positions of characters: Superman at head of table, then Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Batman. Except that now the shot is of the real JLA Watchtower, and the characters look like the true JLA. We are seeing the characters as the kids are imagining themselves. Unless otherwise noted, this is the art style that will be used throughout the rest of the story. The only indication that this is kids at play will be in the dialogue and in the font used for lettering, which will hopefully resemble a crayola crayon on lined yellow paper, the kind of thing a school-age child would use to write. They sit around the JLA table, with it's insignia in each chair and a large mission monitor board on the side nearest to Martian Manhunter.

1 CAPTION: We are the Justice League.



Superman pounds a gavel on the table and stands up. Behind him, lights blink impressively in the high-tech headquarters of the Justice League. Wonder Woman and Batman look up, waiting for him to speak.

1 SUPERMAN: This meeting of the Justice League will come to order.


Superman turns his head to look to his right and sees that Flash has his hand raised, with a nonplussed expression on his face. The others are either looking at Flash, watching Superman, or staring off at the walls or large mission monitor board which takes up the rear of the room.

2 SUPERMAN: Yes, Flash?


Flash looks at Superman and makes a derisive comment. Green Lantern, with a bored expression, responds to him. All of the other leaguers are now concerning themselves with looking around the room.

3 FLASH: This is stupid.

4 GREEN LANTERN: You're stupid.


Flash turns his attention on Green Lantern and the two start arguing.

5 FLASH: Shut up, stupid-head. Everybody knows Green Lantern isn't even a girl.

6 GREEN LANTERN: Green Lantern can so be a girl. This whole stupid club has too many boys already.



Outside on the lawn, a balding man in his forties approaches the treehouse. He is dressed in comfortable slacks and a short-sleeved shirt. Stopping just short of the tree, he cups his hands around his mouth and yells up to the children in the treehouse.

1 DAD: How you guys doing in there?

Note: This panel is back to the art style used in the first page. The "real world" view.


In a close-up of his face, Superman's eyes go into a panic.




Outside, the father is standing on the lawn, just looking up at the treehouse.

Note: Real-world view on this page.

1 SUPERMAN (SHOUTING) : Go away, evil-doer!


Closer shot of father, looking somewhat bemused.


Exact same panel as panel 2.

2 DAD: Oy.


Father walks back across the lawn and toward the house, shrugging. This is obviously not the first time his son has done something like this.



Batman looks over at Superman, a serious look on his face. He whispers to him in a conspiratorial tone.

1 BATMAN: That was close.


Superman nods gravely at his old friend and then picks up the small stack of papers in front of him.


Superman holds one of the pieces in front of him, a serious expression on his face.

2 CAPTION (CRAYOLA): The reading of the notes. A somber affair.

3 SUPERMAN: I will now read the notes from the last meeting.


Superman glares over at Wonder Woman, who is still looking off at one of the walls.

4 SUPERMAN: Even though it should be our secretary.


Wonder Woman shrugs and puts one arm on the table, preparing to arm wrestle.

5 WONDER WOMAN: You want to arm wrestle again? I won, you're secretary.


Dejected, Superman picks up the glasses from the table in front of him and moves them towards his face to put them on and read the notes.

6 CAPTION (CRAYOLA): The Justice League's proud tradition revealed.



Superman has been transformed into Clark Kent. The Justice League gasps as one, some of them looking around in alarm.

1 FLASH: How did Clark Kent get here?

2 GREEN LANTERN: Where did Superman go?


Clark Kent looks around the table with a very bemused expression.

3 CAPTION (CRAYOLA): I hate everyone in the Justice League.


Clark Kent removes his glasses and is instantly transformed back into Superman. Everyone else at the table gives him their sweetest smiles.


Superman stares at the paper, concentrating and squinting. His cheeks are red from embarrassment.

4 SUPERMAN: De...foot...spackle...allens.


Entire Justice League, minus Superman, bursts into hysterical laughter. Batman and Martian Manhunter are both pounding on the table, Green Lantern grins at Wonder Woman, who rolls her eyes. Aquaman nudges Flash knowingly.



Superman throws the notes across the room, and they scatter throughout.

3 SUPERMAN: Fine! We won't have reading of the notes, then!


The entire League sits around the table, staring at each other and looking a little bored or distracted. Green Lantern is whistling.


Full-panic, red lights come on, alarm klaxons are ringing! The Martian Manhunter leaps to his feet and points at the mission monitor board.


4 DISPLAY (MONITOR): Alert. Evil Afoot.

5 MARTIAN MANHUNTER: The Mission monitor board!


The rest of the League stares, bored, at the Manhunter, as the klaxons are going off.



Lighting is normal, monitor is clear, Manhunter looks down at his feet.




Martian Manhunter looks once again at the mission monitor board. The angle is such that we can see him with a worried expression on his face, but not such that we can see what he is seeing on the board.

1 MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Uh oh. That's not good.


The others crowd in around him, trying to look out the window.

2 SUPERMAN: What is it? Starro the Conqueror?

3 GREEN LANTERN: Qwardians?

4 FLASH: Reverse Amazons?

5 WONDER WOMAN: Any cute guys?


The rest of the team, except for Martian Manhunter, looks at Wonder Woman. She shrugs with a slightly apologetic look on her face. Martian Manhunter continues to look at the mission monitor board.


Martian Manhunter points at the monitor board.

6 MARTIAN MANHUNTER: No, really. Look.



On the roof of the house next door, a silhouetted form is seen moving against the moon. He approaches an attic window.

Note: This page is done in "real world" view.



Flash runs down the treehouse and out across the lawn, towards the neighboring house, which now looks like an alien stronghold on the moon.


The others come out of the Watchtower, with Superman in the lead.

1 SUPERMAN: Flash! Come back!


Flash speeds on, approaching the alien fortress.

2 FLASH: Are we the Justice League or not?


The rest of the Justice League chases off after Flash.



The Justice League arrives at the fortress, where a "window" sits open. Superman climbs in the window, with Martian Manhunter right behind him. Green Lantern is next, followed by Batman, then Wonder Woman, and Aquaman last.

3 AQUAMAN: This is stupid. We should get your dad.

4 WONDER WOMAN: Blame Flash. We can't just let him go in here alone.


Martian Manhunter climbs inside. Green Lantern begins climbing in as Batman speaks.

1 BATMAN: Besides, criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot.


Green Lantern stops and looks back at Batman with an incredulous look on his face.



Batman gets a pouting look on his face.

2 BATMAN: Well, they are!



In the same order that they came in (Superman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman) the team climbs a set of intricate stairs, obviously trying to sneak.


The team reaches an open door and goes into the master bedroom. Flash is there, on the back of an enormous, frightening alien monster. The monster has a pillowcase over it's head and Flash is pounding on it.


1 FLASH: I got him! I got him!


The Justice League dogpiles on the burglar.


2 ALIEN (UNDER PILE): Okay, okay, uncle! Ow! Please, I didn't mean to...oof!...hurt anyone! Ow!



Flash pulls off the pillowcase and stands back with the rest of the team. The alien's face is horrible and terrifying, but he has sad eyes. He looks around and smiles sadly.

1 ALIEN: Justice League, huh? Just my luck.


Batman points his finger accusingly at the alien.

2 BATMAN: You're a criminal!


The alien looks downward and appears dejected. Wonder Woman puts an arm on his shoulder.

3 ALIEN: I guess so. I just...you kids wouldn't understand.



Superman glares at Wonder Woman.

5 SUPERMAN (WHISPERING): It's my job to say stuff like that!


Wonder Woman returns the glare and Superman steps back a few inches, obviously cowed.



The alien looks sad and talks to the kids.

1 ALIEN: My name's Jack Curtane. I lost this place because I couldn't keep up the payments. Okay, life's not fair, I know that. But they wouldn't even let me take my stuff out of here because I owed money on everything. They said I'd get back anything that couldn't be auctioned off, but...a friend told me that doesn't always happen.


Aquaman looks at the alien, surprised. The alien looks back at him, trying to explain.

2 AQUAMAN: You broke into your own house to steal something?

3 ALIEN: Sort of. I...my daughter died last year. So I've been taking care of her daughter, and...all my pictures are in an album somehwere. I don't have anything to remember my daughter by, and nothing to show my grand-daughter about her mommy.


Tears start rolling down the alien's cheeks and Wonder Woman looks sympathetic.



Wonder Woman gets a determined look and starts pointing directions out to the other Leaguers. Superman's expression is a mixture of surprise and anger.

5 WONDER WOMAN: Let's split up and try to find your pictures. Billy and Sam, you check this room. Mike, you and Arthur look donwstairs in the kitchen and stuff. Sid, you and my brother look around the rest of downstairs, and I'll help Jack look where he thinks he left it.


Green Lantern and Flash head off down the stairs, with Martian Manhunter and Aquaman right behind. Superman glares at Wonder Woman, who looks curiously back at him. Batman stands beside Superman, looking away from the conflict.


7 SUPERMAN: First of all, you screwed up and gave away all of our secret identities. Then you assigned the whole Justice League to help this criminal steal something!

8 WONDER WOMAN: This is serious, Josh. He's not doing anything wrong, and we should help him.


Close-up on Wonder Woman's face, enough that we can still see Superman's as well.

9 WONDER WOMAN: That's what the Justice League would do.



Superman stomps his feet and yells, pointing out a nearby window.

1 SUPERMAN: The Justice League would take the criminal to the police!


Aquaman comes running upstairs as red and blue light reflects off one of the windows.


2 AQUAMAN: There's a police car outside!


Wonder Woman and Superman stare angrily at each other.


Superman starts moving towards the stairs.

3 SUPERMAN: Tell everybody to climb out the back window. I'll go inform the police that we trapped this criminal.

4 WONDER WOMAN: Josh, you know what Superman would do.


Superman looks back up the stairs at Wonder Woman and the alien, who is now revealed as a man in his late fifties, clad in dark clothes.

Note: This panel uses the real-world view.

5 SUPERMAN: I'm not Superman, and you're not Wonder Woman. You're just my stupid big sister who wants to get me in trouble again.



Superman is out of the picture, Aquaman looks at Wonder Woman, who puts her arm on the alien's and speaks to him.

1 WONDER WOMAN: Where do you think you left it?


Superman steps outside to greet the two police officers on the lawn next to their car. Their guns are drawn, but they relax when they see the kid.

Note: From here on out, except for one panel (noted later) the rest of the story is in reality world view.

2 SUPERMAN: Good evening, officers.

3 OFFICER COHARSKY: Son, what are you doing in this house?

4 SUPERMAN: I caught a criminal.

5 OFFICER COHARSKY: This might be for real, partner. Is there someone in the house?


Superman nods, grinning and looking pleased with himself.



In what is obviously a dream vision of Josh (Superman), we see the police leading Jack Curtane and Carla (Wonder Woman) into the squad car in handcuffs. One of the cops throws Jack's photo album in the trash. Josh waves happily at the two of them.

7 SUPERMAN: So long! Don't forget to write!


Close-up on Jack and Carla. Both are crying.


Close-up on Josh's face, now out of the fantasy. He looks to be sad, and is considering his options.

8 OFFICER COHARSKY (OFF-PANEL): Is there someone in the house?



Superman shakes his fist at the house.

Note: This is the final panel with a JLA view.

1 SUPERMAN: Lex Luthor is in the house! Evil-doer!


Josh's dad comes chasing across the lawn. The cops turn to greet him cordially.

2 DAD: What's going on here, officers?

3 OFFICER COHARSKEY: Your son just went into this house while he was playing. Set off an alarm that called us. Not a big deal, sir, we'll just do a quick run-through.


Josh's dad looks sternly at him.

4 DAD : I've told you about this, Josh. I'm sorry, officers.


The officers smile at Josh as one of them moves toward the house with flashlight in hand. On the roof, we can see Jack and Wonder Woman climbing out with the photo album in Jack's hands. They are obviously in no danger of being spotted by the cops, but Josh sees them.

5 OFFICER SMITH: It's okay. To be honest, with all the kids worshipping gangsta rappers, I wish more of them would look up to the JLA. Superman knows to do what's right, doesn't he, young man?


Josh smiles at the officer.

6 SUPERMAN: Yeah...he does.



The assembled JLA (sort of, minus Josh) stand around Jack, who is holding a picture of him with his daughter and grand-daughter. He smiles, with a tear running down his cheek.