There were going to be a number of membership changes for the Warriors throughout the year, and I struggled trying to decide what exactly I wanted this team to be. It's probably for the best that these never got written, because although some the ideas I liked, in general I had no idea what to do with the team once I had reformed them.

#83 (Apr Year Four) - "Warriors Incorporated" The Warriors move into their new digs in Colorado. Ultra-Girl prevails upon Thrasher to make the Warriors more profitable and high profile. They begin talking to Hollywood about movie deals, licensing, etc. This increased profile makes the Taylor Foundation popular, and Kingmaker decides to go after them. At one point there's a big group "date" where Proudstar/Firestar, Melina/Bengal, Thrash/Sil and Speedball go out. Robbie misses Rina, and muses that the relationship really didn't go anywhere anyway. Thrash and Silhouette are together, but aren't really sure why. Melina and Bengal still feel isolated, apart from the others, even as Melina is trying desperately to experience the outside world before her destiny calls her away from it. Jolt and Ultra-Girl hang out together, bonding at being new to this hero thing. Kingmaker comes to Thrash to offer representation. Reference the Original Human Torch #3.

#84 (May Year Four)- "Warriors Incorporated Part Two" Open with Casey of SCN doing a profile on the new, more popular Warriors. Kingmaker moves her people into places of power and sends Bullseye to assassinate Dwayne. Silhouette helps to defend him, but is nearly killed by Bullseye and has a meeting with John Kowalski. Meanwhile, Whiplash (fresh from his time in Chicago with AIM) and the Raiders attack Ultra-Girl and the Warriors. During the battle, Proudstar gets protective of Firestar, throwing himself in the way of an attack meant for her. The obvious romantic interest on both parts will slowly increase as the months move on. Dwayne prevents the assassination, but can't stop the bid to take over his company, so he puts an end to the licensing deals, souring Kingmaker’s interest in it. Ultra-Girl, embarrassed at having brought the Warriors to Kingmaker’s attention in the first place, goes to her and warns her away.

#85-86 (June-July Year Four) – "X-Force Crossover" Firestar visits her father while she's in Boston/New York, and reconciles with him. She introduces him to Proudstar. Silhouette is in a coma after her battle with Bullseye. The Warriors and X-Force take on Silvermane and his weapons-dealing operation. The Littleton tragedy happens, and the Warriors decide to track down the man responsible for getting them the guns. Firestar, Speedball, Ultra-Girl and Jolt go undercover at another high school in Denver, while Thrash, Proudstar, Bengal and Sorceress track down and interrogate some of the “trenchcoat mafia.” The undercover team discovers that someone has been arming a lot of the kids at this Denver school, and come upon a gathering of teens intent on doing what the trenchcoat mafia did, but doing it right and killing everybody before they’re stopped. It’s not just two people this time either, but a dozen. And the Warriors can’t just stop them because they’ve got hostages hidden somewhere, friends that the Warriors made at the high school. At the same time, Thrash’s team follows the trail to an office in Boston where they find Silvermane. In the meantime, over in X-Force, mutant “copycats” pull the same stunt in Boston, trying to kill kids with their newly emerged powers. While X-Force stops them, it does lead to some unpleasantness. Throughout this story, both the Warriors and X-Force will be asked if they helped bring these events about, being teens using violence (and mutant powers) to solve things. (Basically, taking shots at the “let’s find someone to blame” crowd in our society through the story)

#87 (Aug Year Four) - "A Warrior Dies a Thousand Deaths..." Serendipity awakens from a nightmare, the tenth one in the four weeks since she last saw the Warriors. In this very vivid nightmare, she watches as enemies she doesn't recognize slaughter the Warriors. She tells X-Force she is going to visit Speedball, and makes her way to New York. She finds the Warriors engaged in a night of watching Buffy, and Speedball happily greets her. The two go out on a date. During all this, Melina tells the group her origin and destiny. She tells him she's been seeing the Warriors killed, over and over, always by the same people but always in different ways. She thinks it's the future. Speedball recognizes the people attacking from her description. They're the members of the Folding Circle who were pulled into the well. They tell the Warriors, and it's off to the Well, where they find the energy flowing again. Realizing this is bad, they step inside. Silhouette recovers from her coma, healed by the power of Tai and now in her thrall.

#88 (Sept Year Four) - "…The Villains Never Die" The Warriors are in an alternate world. In this world, while Vance was on trial, Tai killed Night Thrasher and Silhouette in Cambodia. The others escaped to come back and seek help, and the Warriors had to break Vance out of his holding cell. The Warriors returned to Cambodia and fought Tai into the well, but at a very heavy cost. Firestar, Nova and Nita were killed, and Rage was crippled. Justice and Darkhawk reformed the team with Bandit, Turbo, Magik, Powerpax and Cloak & Dagger.  The team battles the Folding Circle (now including Silhouette in place of Night Thrasher, and an alternate world version of Firestar who takes Silk Fever’s place), who come in to kill them. Tai is using her newfound mind control abilities to turn the team, and only Justice and Darkhawk resist the compulsion, joining with the mainline Warriors. They flee using the well to another world, with the Folding Circle close behind.

#89 (Oct Year Four) - "Follow the Leader" The new world is one that is openly at war with Tai, who has taken over. The Warriors are fighting back efficiently, and have a mixed force of various heroes who have not already been mind controlled. The Warriors (Captain America, Cannonball, Jolt, Scarlet Spider, Armadillo, MACH-1 and Nova) fight off the Folding Circle, who run with the help of Silhouette’s teleportation abilities. It turns out that the Leader, who survived his plunge into the well, is organizing them. He will help the Warriors if they will help him get out. The Warriors launch an attack on Tai's fortress in Cambodia, battling Tai until she is forced to step into the well and escape back to their world. During the battle, Night Thrasher is nearly killed. Tai steals Darkhawk's amulet and leaves Chris powerless and dying. They follow her, along with the Leader.

#90 (Nov Year Four) - "All's Well That Ends Well" - With the help of teammates Cloak & Dagger, the team searches the world looking for the amulet and Tai.  They will be battled in various parts of the world by the Folding Circle. They will eventually find the amulet in Chris' grave, and have to bring the dying Chris to the grave, where he merges with the body and fuses into a new Darkhawk, one who does not remember his other incarnation. They will also meet up with Ricochet and he will join the team. The final battle will take place at Darkhawk's gravesite, with Tai beginning to open various portals of interdimensional power. Sorceress will expend her powers in shutting them, revealing her true destiny was to be a one-time guardian, not a lifelong thing.