"Time Ain't On My Side"

You might have noticed that this column is about a week and a half late. I'd say it's not my fault, but really it is. Partly it's the increased load of keeping up Snap Judgments now that I've gained a higher profile at Comic Book Resources, partly it's a general lack of stuff to talk about, and partly it's just laziness. But I've decided, just short of the two year anniversary of the column, to shut it down temporarily. Life is only going to get crazier in the coming months, and maybe when it settles down again I'll start up the column again, but right now I can't see getting it out on any kind of timely basis.

The good news is, this will give me time to develop more features for Snap Judgments. I'm about a half dozen comics behind on stuff that was sent to me for review (including mini-comics of Shazbot, Tony Digerolamo's Travelers and Jersey Devil, Marie Javins' anthology Scorched Birth, T Campbell's Faans #1-4 and the just-sent-to-me-after-I-ironically-bought-myself-a-copy Happydale: Devils in the Desert #1) and other than keeping my head above water with the twice-weekly reviews, I'm not doing much innovative with the site. Expect that to change, as I've got a few ideas for new features. The first one could be seen as early as this week, and will take a look at the comparisons between similarly-themed comics. I intend to start off with the "geek trend" comics, taking a look at the similarities, differences, and comparative strengths and weaknesses of Dork Tower, Faans, 3 Geeks and Knights of the Dinner Table. From there, I've got a host of ideas, including big teams (JLA vs. Top Ten vs. Authority vs. Avengers), humor superheroes (Quantum & Woody vs. Deadpool vs. Major Bummer, maybe), etc.

So Anyway...I'll still be doing my monthly "update" of the site every first of the month, but the column, for now, is closed. Thanks for reading, and keep checking Snap Judgments to see some of that new stuff I'm talking about.

Randy W. Lander

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