"Old News"

I turned 27 on April 17, 1998. I bring this up because it got me thinking about getting older. When I was younger, I always figured that by the time I was about 25 I'd be married with kids and a good job. hah!

It seems that the older I get, the more I realize that age and wisdom are vaguely related, if at all. I've changed since I was younger, sure, but I don't feel any surer about what's going to happen in my future than I did in those uncertain teen years. Some days, I feel more uncertain.

I don't know about the rest of you, but as a kid, I operated under the assumption that at some point, your parents would take you aside and show you the "Adult Manual." No, not something they bought at Fifi's "Adult" Bookstore and Video House. Not that kind of adult. I mean the one that told you how to be an adult. How to get a job and keep it, how to raise kids, what to do as you get older, the proper care and feeding of a relationship, all that good stuff.

Guess what? There's no manual. I can't even play a computer game without the manual without a lot of my little guys dying! I really hope that's not an indication of my child-rearing skills.

As far as getting a job you like, there seems to be a fine-line between staying in a job you don't like in a healthy way (maintaining your living while you hope and strive for something better) and an unhealthy way (maintaining your living while slowly burning yourself out and becoming bitter and mean).

I remember a comedian who once talked about adults always asking kids "what do you want to be when you grow up?" He said that we weren't trying to pressure them, we were just looking for ideas!

In retrospect, I think I've done okay. I've got a girlfriend who I love (and who loves me despite my many and varied faults), a job that I hate (which pays the bills) and I'm basically happy most of the time. Even if I am getting old. :)

Randy W. Lander

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