"A Look Back In Time"

I can't believe it's 2009 already. Where does the time go? Anyway, it's the new year, and it seems like a good time to do a retrospective of sorts. Suzanne and the kids went out to pick up dinner. Went to that new Long-Pig place, which makes me nervous. I mean, they say it tastes just like chicken, but I don't know. Of all the things Warren Ellis predicted in Transmet (before he founded the first successful cybercomics site), selling cloned humans for food was the last thing I expected.

Anyway, this ought to be a good year for me, comics-wise. Editor-in-chief Kurt Busiek just gave me the go-ahead on "The Vault," and since I wrote the fanfic for so long, I think the series ought to have plenty of fodder. That's in addition to continuing co-writing duties on New Warriors with Fabian Nicieza and Suicide Squad with John Ostrander. Seems like only yesterday that they discovered that new synthetic paper and the comics market boomed again. It's so weird to go the store and get comics for 25 cents again. Well, 50 cents when they're double-sized. Like Quantum & Woody #100. That was such a great issue, I don't know how Priest and Bright keep that up. Given the contract renegotiation they did a few years back, they must be rolling in the dough now. Especially with Priest on JLA for the past two years.

But it should be a good year anyway. One of the kids is starting music lessons, and the other one is going to space-camp this summer. Should be fun, I hope he gets a chance to check out the moonbase. That's supposed to be finished this year, isn't it? And Suzanne and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary in May, which should be fun. We're going to New Orleans again, and of course we'll be at the Big-Easy Con.

I still can't get over how fast the computer processes all this stuff. I mean, right now, I'm using a Dell 2000 Mhz to type this with a direct Net connection, and I've got Starcraft IV games going in the background, plus its receiving tonight's television programming and recording it to the DVD player. TNT's doing a Babylon 5 retrospective, all 5 years of Babylon 5 plus the 2 theatrical movies plus all five years of Crusade. TV's so much more fun now that they've got targeted marketing, and you only see commercials for products you want. Of course, that was all the doing of President Sting.

Well, I've gotta get going. I think I just heard Suzanne and the kids pulling up in the flying car.

Wait a minute...have I had the "time travel" box checked the whole time I've been typing this thing?

Jeez...I wonder where it went.

Randy W. Lander

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